Tales From the Grease Vat

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Tales From the Grease Vat
LocationSeattle, Redmond
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Lone Star
Big D's Burger Shack
Way of Grease Cultists
Lesser Grease Spirits
The Grease Man
Casualties and losses
None The Grease Man and his Unholy Minions


After dealing with a strange disturbance call in Redmond about a crazy man that ran into a grease vat at a local Big D's Burger Shack, Lone Star officer Chet Hughs decided that it would be much simpler to call in shadowrunners to do his job for him only to claim all the credit - after compensating the runners, of course. He was proven to be correct, of course, as the runners quite literally finished the job in less than five minutes, with no collateral damages beyond an unholy amount of grease that needs to be washed out of the floors and ceiling.


At 10pm at night, each of the runners received a call from their fixers to meet in Redmond over a disturbance involving grease, where they then met up with Chet Hughs, Lone Star Officer, and Phydel, Big D's Manager. They wanted the crazy Grease Man gone.

The Meet

The runners met with the manager and Lone Star squad outside of the burger joint, where they quickly reviewed the situation and discussed compensation. Prince managed to squeeze out an additional 4k nuyen out of the J's for the job.

The Plan

Artemisia proceeded to assense the store to determine all the spirits inside, revealing a force 8 grease spirit alongside a bunch of lesser force 2 spirits, and proceeded to arm up and loan an Ares Alpha to Winter. Prince waited outside with his sniper rifle to provide support, while Trample armed herself with her own weapons. After determining that it was indeed a grease spirit, Winter summoned a force 6 earth spirit in an attempt to smother that fire before it detonated, before Artemisia decided to just brute force the encounter entirely by casting a force 7 mana static and creating a 5 BGC, which would cripple all the spirits (and casters) within the store. With that, Tempo, who also armed up, cut down the door and charged in, earth spirit behind.

The Run

Remarkably brief, all things considered. Artemisia' Mana Static completely crippled the lesser spirits, allowing Tempo to execute them with impunity while they were completely unable to resist. After the lesser spirits were dealt with, Winter and Artemisia heard a sloshing within the ceiling and warned everyone to back away, where thereafter the Grease Man chose to reveal himself in all his unholy glory. The moment was short lived, however, as while he completely missed his attack, the BGC already handicapped him massively, allowing Artemisia and Prince to gun him down with ease. Winter tried to help and only completely missed with a full auto volley. The execution was so rapid that Trample and Tempo could only really watch brutal killing. It was all over in less than 10 minutes.


The runners received their payment, Phydel got his store cleansed, and all involved went their separate ways with no other complications - though they all had a much lower tolerance for grease and fast food in the following week or so.


  • 10k nuyen
  • 3 Karma (3 RVP)
  • 4k in Lifestyle Rewards (1 RVP)
  • Chet Hughs 2/1 at +1 Chip (2 RVP)
  • 2 CDP

Optional Reward for Trample Phydel 1/2 (2 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


I didn't expect killing lobotomized greasy spirits before one that was an eight on the Dumas scale decided to pop up and eat three bullets to be a run. However it was a run. I hope they recover the officer's bodies and something like this doesn't happen again. Lonestar guy even offered to talk to us, as if I'd waste my time with a pig, first thing they'd do is sell us out, he had us doing his work for him. Well that's life, fighting easy money is a fool's task.

Winter - For involving the Lone Star and a slew of spirits, that ended up being by far the easiest 10k I've ever made, though I'm not sure I'll be redeeming these meal vouchers anytime soon. The smell of grease will take FOREVER to get out of my nose and clothes. Artemisia, if you're reading this, kudos for thinking of using mana static, and fuck you for thinking of using mana static.

Tempo - Easiest job in my life, interesting for my first run on the net for sure. If I ever see Artemisia again on a run ill feel extra safe around any Spellworms and spirits. The funny thing is that I already ate here often so the meal vouchers are a good upside, though I cant seem to get the thought of the "Grease Man" outta my head. Just had to clean my suit though and I still feel gross.

Artemisia - While I was able to bring down the weaker spirits with ease, It was at significant strain to myself. I was only able to stay standing through the Dual Natured Techniques I learned from Swerve. I wonder if the stirring of these spirits bears relation to the horned one rising from his grave. They were easy enough to dispatch for me but I can't help but wonder what might have happened if I had not been there. Perhaps the new and foolish runners would have met their end, drowned in grease. Another sign pointing to me being needed in the fight against the Dead God's who rise.