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This template is intended to make AAR creation just a little bit easier.

<!-- Unless otherwise stated, it should no longer be necessary to tag anything here with wiki markup or use any brackets. -->

<!-- Required: The date of the run in YYYY-MM-DD format. -->

<!-- Required: Name of the GM. -->

<!-- Required: Location where the run took place. If this is a page on the wiki, it will automatically be tagged as a Featured Location. -->

<!-- Optional: Any factions who were allied to the runners -->

<!-- Required: List of the Runners involved. Please follow the example below, separating each runner's name with a vertical bar as seen below. NPC allies may also be included. -->
|RunnerList= {{AARCharacterList|Runner1|Runner2|Runner3|Runner4}}
<!-- Optional: The threat level of the run. Put please try and add this whenever possible. -->

<!-- Optional: If the run is a part of a Metaplot, put the name of the metaplot here in plain text. You may list up to 3 metaplots if the run is a part of multiple metaplots -->

<!-- Optional: Include any name of an opposing group in OppositionFaction, any specifics used, and casualties suffered. -->

<!-- Optional: As above, but if there was a secondary opposing group. -->

<!-- Optional: This will add an image to the infobox if you have one. You can specify the size and a caption. -->

<!-- Optional: Any extra special notes you wish to add to the end -->