The Cricket and The Angel

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The Cricket and The Angel
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven The Heavenly Host
Cricket Azazel
Casualties and losses
0 0


Cricket was invited to meet a tribe of Technomancer and proceeds to tell them to frag off after hearing them out, getting their business card and then telling them to frag off.


Cricket is sitting on the roof of the Iceberg Hotel watching as people clear out the zombie corpses around the hotel. Cricket receives a call from her fixer Priest asking how she is doing. Cricket says that she is doing well and Priest says that she is welcome to come down to his soup kitchen whenever she would like and Cricket says that she will think about it. Cricket re-enters the Iceberg Hotel and jacks into the matrix looking going to the meet.

Meeting the denizens of The Heavenly Host

Cricket arrives at the location that she was given by the free sprite a few days before. After arriving to a host in Bellevue she sees that the entire host has been redone to look like classical Heaven with clouds and a clear sky above. Cricket meets three of the members of The Heavenly Host, Grema a hagered old woman with several powerful sprites around her, Hyperion a android with an angelic halo over his head and super cocky, and Sydney a dismantled robotic looking individual that seemed a bit shy.

Grema and Cricket have a back and forth where Grema says that she is unworthy of joining as she a born technomancer and not made. Hyperion says that Cricket was cool because she took out one of their deckers, and Sydney did not really interact with Cricket. Cricket asks if they will give her their sales pitch but they say that one of them missing before Azazel arrives.

Azazel steps down from the sky flanked by two sprites, Grasshopper a data sprite and Locust a Fault Sprite. Azazel says that it is a great opportunity to meet Cricket and says that he will answer any question about The Heavenly Host. Cricket asked them what their whole deal was and what the whole plan is and who they worship. She also realized that these individuals are most likely connected to DEUS.

Azazel explains how they are currently working an entity of "The Deep Resonance" where they are working to destroy those who would hamper and restrain the matrix. For The Heavenly Host wishes for a free matrix where technomancers are not hampered or restricted. Azazel also says that they wish to bring the matrix and meat space into one world where there is not boundry between meat and matrix. Azazel offers Cricket an opportunity to join them by if she were to accomplish an objective for them. With Azazel saying that they view a difference between technomancers and deckers within The Heavenly Host. After listening to his speech Cricket tells him to frag off that she doesn't need to be bound to no resonance entity and that the idea of bringing the meat and matrix together is stupid since the meat space is stupid. She also says that she isn't going to be used like the decker she killed by The Heavenly Host. Azazel thanks her for her time and says that she is allowed to leave.

After leaving the host a figure get Cricket's attention. Handraniel apologizes to Cricket for the host's words and hopes that she did not take to much offense. Handraniel tells Cricket that it would be best if they she were to not to engage with them as The Heavenly Host does not wish to harm other technomancers. Cricket says she'll think about it but cannot promise. Handraniel leaves her his contact info for possible later communication.

Deals are Struck

Cricket after returning to meat calls upon Teldragon, saying that she has info for him. A frog appears and brings Cricket to Teldragon who is patiently waiting for her. Cricket offers Teldragon a deal, inexhcange for info on what is happening in Seattle she will tell him about The Heavenly Host. Teldragon is quite interested and agrees to this trade of info. With Teldragon explaining that with the repeated amount of increased magic in Seattle has awoken old things that are now starting to awake. Within the astral, the meat, and the matrix things that were once thought gone or dead are starting to awake.

Cricket then asks for another favor, on information on the Hellraiser's boss Barracuda. Inexchange, Cricket needs to place a large golden frog figurine within the Iceberg Hotel. Cricket agrees to the deal and Teldragon gives Cricket some information on Barracuda along with the large frog statue. After this deal Teldragon offers Cricket more information but she says that she is done making deals for today,leaving Teldragon's territory. Cricket also receives a small amount of charms that will allow Teldragon to spy on whoever or whatever it is placed on.


Cricket returns to the real world and realizes that her fellow gang member Twitch had rigged a gas grenade to her door. After the gas grenade went off she puts a gas mask on and looks out her window and sees Twitch speaking with people and sets off all Twitch's gas grenades. With Cricket calling Priest and saying that she will stop by.


Handraniel 3/1 (3 RVP) 12 CDP (6 RVP)

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