The Enigma of Nodbert's Numerous Noodles for a Nuyen that are Nowhere to be Noticed

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The Enigma of Nodbert's Numerous Noodles for a Nuyen that are Nowhere to be Noticed
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A package of Nodbert's Numerous Noodles for a Nuyen
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
Nodbert of Nodbert's Noodles
Mark Chan Noodle Corporation
Eddy Fitzgerald
Mark Chan



Nodbert's Numerous Noodles for a Nuyen are a cheap, homegrown staple of Seattle made in Puyallup and resold everywhere where people want cheap food that isn't stuffer shack drek. It's got packed Ramen, Chow Mein, Vietnamese style Pho, classic Mexican Sopa Fideo, Or'zet Extravaganza (which is notable as super spicy ramen), even Spaghetti with dehydrated Marinara, and in it's premium version, Spaghetti with dehydrated marinara, soy, and meat sauce with real dehydrated meat chunks! The same flavors also are available in Cups which come with forks or chopsticks, but most importantly they're made by a self-made Troll Chef, and while some hearing the name might think it's a marketing ploy to call them 'numerous'? It's Instant Noodles made for the size of Trolls, the packet's the size of a human sized loaf of bread.

Now, someone's hit the Nodbert's Numerous Noodles factory and warehouse and stolen it's shipments, and no one has it in stock.

The Meet

Mr. Frank Davis, Newt, Shrike, and Winter are called to meet the Tortuga Taco Truck in Puyallup after Carlos Blanco called in a favor to get some Shadowrunners skilled in private investigating to help solve an issue which Knight Errant refused to investigate.

In the end, the crew convinced Mr. Blanco and his friend Nodbert of Nodbert's Numerous Noodles that they'd take the job with a pay cut, so long as they also got a lifetime of free tacos and Nodbert's noodles if they were successful in solving the case and getting the stolen noodle stock back.

The Plan

The group went on to immediately head to the factory to investigate the incident.

The Run

After arriving at the factory, they meet Nodbert himself, his night warehouse manager Eddie the Ork, and the Security Chief 'I'dtellyouifIwantedto', a dwarf. After hearing the story of what happened, and the seeming 'professional skill' of the robbers.

Winter went on to check the smells of a knife left -in the stomach- of Eddie the Ork, and before Frank checked the blade for prints and, Newt assensed the blade. There, Winter picked up the smell of human sweat, motor oil, and the blood of Eddie the Ork. Newt was able to see that this stabbing wasn't entirely apart of the plan, and to see the stabber by examining the overly ornate convenience store style blade with assensing. Winter summoned a spirit of the beast to help tracking down and intimidate the assailant with the knife, as he seemed the weak link of the gang.

Shrike was able to pull the camera footage for the previous day, and the exact time of the attack, off the archaic computer and security system the factory used. With the help of Frank's Mona Lisa program, he ran the same prestine bearded human fellow which Newt had seen through the images, and was able to cross reference him. In the end, finding out that he had been the Sous Chef of the Company before being let go because he kept fighting with Eddie the Ork. The Sous Chef's name? Eddy Fitzgerald, and the group gathered his address and some information that this looked staged to resemble a Halloweener hit along with 'professional soldiers'.

With Invisibility put upon her by Winter, Newt infiltrated Eddy Fitzgerald's apartment only to find him tied up and with duct tape on his mouth, being forced to watch Diner's, Drive-ins, Dives, Dugouts, and Dungeons on Trideo. While sneaking through the apartment and checking it for traps before the others came up, found that Eddy had been locked in here, and Newt also found an Iguana Shifter whom was apparently Eddy's pet, in a Herpatarium.

After the team entered the apartment, and some negotiation and interrogation, the group got info on the group that provided the muscle, a Yakuza styled Meta-human gang, and information about the Mark Chan Noodle Company trying to get Eddy to work for them and after it was proved he didn't know the exact recipe of Nodbert's Noodles, tried to use his access to get all the product they could so they could reverse engineer their own.

When the team arrived, they would find Knight Errant on duty, and while Frank tried to catch them a corrupt cop trap after they complained about being on the job as security, Newt and Winter's Beast Spirit snuck in. Shrike helped guide Newt through to the location of the delivery truck that was stolen by hacking the host and the cameras, and Newt used her smart link goggles to capture the images of the vans there.

Shrike compiled the evidence and provided it for Frank to send to his contact Captain Squire in Knight Errant, and offer to show the cops on duty, and the duty officer's called their own captain to deal with him. After seeing the evidence and proof they were being used contractually to protect one contract holder from another's retribution and taking their goods back, KE moved to start arresting people after the evidence was revealed, but not before telling Frank 'any buddies you might have in there need to be out, and now'.

One of the criminals who had stole the van noticed what was going on and tried to take off in the van once again, only to have it's tire busted by Winter's Beast Spirit, and Shrike forced it into parking break mode using the matrix. Newt got out, and Shrike covered his digital tracks.


Newt showed back up at Eddy's house, freeing him from his binds at the request of his Iguana, and took the Iguana shifter to Bianka_Dreschler.

The crew reported in the results, and that the shipment should be returned by Knight Errant within a day, and after Newt dodging a hug of thanks from Nodbert, were given their promised pay and a pair of hand-written certificates, one providing them an unlimited lifetime supply of free Tacos from Tortuga Taco Truck, and another providing an unlimited lifetime supply of Nodbert's Noodles.


Carlos Blanco as a Loyalty 3 contact, 2K Nuyen, 2 Karma, 1 Street Cred, 2 CDP.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)




"First time I've seen KE do something helpful on purpose, guess it pays to have an ex-cop on your team. Anyway, now I get to eat like a normal person without having to move out of my Redmond lair, so that's good."


"A rather simple investigation, although the methods of that "Frank" were quite impressive. I've never imagined that you could... talk to the police without being shot at. And the fingerprinting, I must learn that technique for myself. The rest of the team were competent, and a lifetime supply of food is a greater prize then I could've ever imagined. I wonder what I shall do first, now that I don't have to worry about eating?"