The Honey Pot

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The Honey Pot
LocationTouristville and the Metaplanes
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Bear (Mentor Spirit)
Wasp Spirit
Bear Wasp Spirits x ?
Casualties and losses
Several Wasp Spirits


Bear attempts to eat honey, but gets stung repeatedly. He ends up in a dream state or on another metaplane in search of bear where he continues to get stung repeatedly until he eventually finds himself back on the material plane.


Bear is a bear.

The Honey

Bear awakes from a nap kind of snacky, as one does. He finds a tree with familiar buzzing; he climbs the tree to find a hive, and swipes it to knock the hive out of the tree to obtain honey, which should come from said hive. The bees attack Bear, stinging him wildly--unfairly. He only destroyed their home and life's work. Bear falls asleep after all the stings, awakening in a new forest free of smog and litter.

Finding the Other Bear

Bear awakens in a forest clean of smog and pollution and litter. He awakens without his armor or gear. He attempts to ping his location to the Ticket Agent because he does not realize his commlink is gone.

He ambles through the forest until he finds a stream, which he drinks from and catches a fish. He realizes that his mentor spirit, bear, is not communicating with him. He smells and catches the scent of what he knows is bear, even though he's never smelled him before.

Bear follows bear's scent, until he winds up at the base of a large cave with bad feelings. He enters the cave, finding wasp spirits. He slaughters with mighty blows, but a pair run away; using his sense of scent, he tracks them to a split in the road. He fights spirits at the split, before seeing what he does not understand is an alchera. He pulls away from this tear in planar space to continue to track bear and the escaped wasps.

He finds himself in an enormous room where an absolutely massive bear is being held down by a series of Wasp spirits. Bear charges in to try and help bear, pawing at the ones near him. He clears a few, but is surrounded and brought to the brink of death. Bear heals Bear, and Bear attacks again. As he's brought low a second time, Bear lets out a kiai to send the nearby bugs fleeing, and as he loses consciousness, he sees the mentor spirit bear breaking free.

He awakens in the wood, a stash of honey by him.


  • Ticket Agent finds bear, stung all to oblivion, and helps him back to the circus area, honey in tow.
  • Bear spirit is grateful (if the experience was real--otherwise is not at all invested.)


  • IG Discount
  • 10 CDP (4 RVP)
  • 9 karma (9 RVP)

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


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