The Incredible Behemoth Volume 2

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The Incredible Behemoth Volume 2
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Horizon
The Incredible Behemoth Spider Jones
Safari Tourists
Horizon Mid-level Executive
Casualties and losses
Spider Jones, Safari Tourists, Horizon Mid-level Executive


Overwatch sends The Incredible Behemoth to deal with a Horizon shell corporation running 'safaris' into Redmond, where rich drekheads harass locals and threaten them with violence and jail.


Overwatch had been aware of the 'safaris' for a while, but recently found out who was running them. Docwagon refused to step in, so he called in The Incredible Behemoth! She agreed to help the common person instantly, without asking for pay.

The Plan

Behemoth would infiltrate the safari and wait until they got into Redmond before wrecking their day.

The Run

The Incredible Behemoth gets a burner SIN and shows up at the downtown office off the safari company. There are several people here talking about how they want to 'stick it to the poors' in cartoon supervillain fashion. The Incredible Behemoth repeatedly fails composure checks before leaving, causing her to create some subtle chaos inside the building an armory ('accidentally' stepping on someone's foot, knocking over a wall onto someone, etc). Spider Jones is putting on a 'the show must go on' face.

Eventually everyone reaches Redmond (Touristville), and a local go-gang is coming to fend off the safari members. The Incredible Behemoth takes her betameth and kamikaze and starts PUNCHING everyone in the bus. Turns out Spider Jones is almost fully robotic, and he takes three or four good punches before he goes down for good! The Incredible Behemoth and the gang then burn out the bus.

The gang drives away with The Incredible Behemoth and they go to a bar and get to drinking. The gang leader tells her that she knows who is responsible for funding the operation. The Incredible Behemoth isn't very happy with that information, and very drunk, they all decide to assault that Horizon executive as he leaves work.

Later, on the highway, the go-gang and The Incredible Behemoth are driving up to the executive's vehicle. The go-gang engages the security escort while she jumps onto the limousine and punches through the roof to grab the executive. Then she jumps off the highway, at speed, and lands underneath with a superhero landing (holding the executive). She gives the executive to the people of Redmond.


The safaris stop. The executive ends up being forced to become an under-paid janitor for a local bar in Redmond, constantly watched by the people of Redmond.


  • 9 karma
  • Force 2 Sustaining Focus (Manipulation)
  • 2 CDP

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

The Incredible Behemoth

I wish I could not believe that people would do these kinds of twisted acts against others for more nuyen, but I can. At least this is stopped for now. One day the peope will rise up and topple the corrupt system we all live under.