The King Argonaut

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The King Argonaut
LocationPuget Sound, Outside Seattle Metroplex
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
The Pantheon
The Argo
King Beef The Argo
This was a Paradigm Shift for King Beef


In which King Beef is contacted by The Pantheon to return the Argo to their care.


After several failed attempts to recruit the final three members of the pantheon so that they might return to Greece and claim their rightful places as the new Gods of Olympus, Pythia has been busy taking in the visions and trying to find her way through the threads of fate. She has finally found who she believes to be a proper candidate for the title of Ares, the god of war in a particularly war-like minotaur: King Beef

When Everything Changed

Waking up in his apartment, King Beef has a shower, gets dressed, eats most of a raw steak and then feeds the rest to his wolf companion. The boxer begins his warm up exercises and heads over to Tacoma to the defunct gym of Mickey Marciano. The boxing coach begins putting KB through his paces, giving the mysad a solid workout for various boxing techniques. During a break, Mickey asks if King Beef has been doing anything strange, telling him that someone came by and gave the trainer an actual letter. Pulling it out Mickey begins to read it for KB, since his eyes don't work great from a lifetime of being punched in the face. The letter claims that The Pantheon has heard of his exploits and congratulates him on many fights won.

The letter asks for his appearance at their compound in Everett and for an audience at his earliest convivence. After spending a few more hours working through his training KB goes to a Stuffer Shack and picks up a suit to look at least somewhat presentable. King Beef recalls that the Pantheon as a group came from Greece and quickly established themselves as a stable in the Awakened community of Seattle. They have been doing a bunch of media blasts, talking about how the corps need to do more for the Awakened community, as well as inspiring many of those young Awakened to follow the tutelage of Olympianism.

Arriving at the Everett Compound, KB is guided by a dwarven attendant to the temple in the back, known as the Pantheon's Athenium. Inside stand the fifteen thrones of the Pantheon, with three empty seats. Pythia introduces herself to King Beef as the leader of the Pantheon and their seer. She claims that Oracle has given her visions of glorious purpose, and that King Beef is meant to join the Pantheon and become Ares, the God of War. Interested by this prospect, KB decides to accept the title, but is informed that there must be a grand trial before he can officially join the group. Being a seeker of glory, King Beef agrees, and is told that the spirit of the ship The Argo, of Jason and the Argonauts fame, is in the Northern Puget Sound near Fidalgo Island. Sending the warrior out with a glorious sendoff, Pythia returns to her throne as King Beef begins his trial.

The Plan

It's King Beef, so the planning phase is entirely made up of buying a jetski and being told by his mentor spirit if he is sure this is a good idea. Rebuffing the ghost's warnings of caution over his own hubris. The Minotaur asks for directions to the island and flies off to the North.

The Argo

After an hour of driving on his new Jetski, King Beef is thrown into a thick mist and feels the background count surrounding him. The Argo has been in the Sound long enough that it's Haunt has created a facsimile of the waves in the Greek isle. Finding a large bireme with a subtle gold glow surrounding it, the minotaur mysad approaches and hears the sound of the ship's voice, asking what King Beef wants. KB says that he is Ares, the god of war and has come to bring the Argo back into the service of the Pantheon. This leads to the Argo to claim that it will not be taken in by the unworthy and fires a cannon at King Beef. The Cannon impacts but King Beef will not be deterred, jumping onto the Argo and attempting to subdue the spirit but grabbing it's helm.

The spirit fights off King Beef and continues to shoot the minotaur with it's cannon until King Beef gets fed up and takes the cocktail of drugs that bring him over the top. Enraged and mindless in his aggression, King Beef attempts to rip the cannon off the ship and remove the threat, but the Argo keeps narrowly avoiding the blows. Frustrated by this predicament, King Beef grabs the helm again and through the power of drugs and sheer pig-headedness, the minotaur wrests control of the Argo and brings it back to the city, pulling it into the dock of the Pantheon's facility and disembarking, his mentor's mask that of obsidian armor rather than the lion's pelt of normal


Despite crashing from drugs and suffering horrific damage to his person, King Beef returns to the Athenium and is greeted by a round of applause from the Pantheon. Pythia brings him to a ritual circle and gives him a power focus as well as a black helmet that signifies his place in the Pantheon and is granted the title of Ares.

Later that night, the Pantheon hold a party where the media is introduced to the new God of War in a celebratory fashion.


  • Rating 2 Olympian Power Foci (9 RVP)
  • 7 karma (7 RVP)
  • Paradigm Shift to Olympianism

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)

King Beef Man best fight I've had against a ship in a long time. Thing nearly took me down but I managed to pull out the win, though everything does get kinda fuzzy near the end and I woke up back at the Pantheon. Whatever being the God of War sounds awesome.