The Lady From Tír na nÓg

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The Lady From Tír na nÓg
LocationSeattle and Cara'sir
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Tír Tairngire security, City security, watch full eyes


Mara goes to Tír Tairngire on an errand for her old handler. She realizes the value of concealing her identity in all ways.


Mara is visiting her sensei in the astral to discuss spellwork and a future in person meeting. When she returns there is a message on her commlink and a few minutes later, a new commlink arrives by drone delivery. Ohrwurm has started calling on Mara for more favors and the new commlink chimes with a call from the very same.

The Meet

Ohrwurm wants Mara to head down to Tír Tairngire to retrieve an object that belongs to an old noble named Westley Evangelina. The object is a family heirloom and is in the possession of Bernadine Matilda, who was promoted to the 'upper' class by deed transfer of property Evangelina's family used to own. Matilda was born to human parents in the mid 30s and will be attending a Gala. Ohrwurm can get Mara into the party to do her work. During their conversation, Mara throws in a reference to Bondservants to measure Ohrwurm's reaction. It is suitably cryptic, but does hint at both of them being in that category, while Ohrwurm is obviously above her.

The Plan

After having some issues with her disguise, Mara hatches the plan to learn to disguise herself better. She'll head down to the Tir, setup a temporary lodge to finish learning the makeover spell. Also, Ohrwurm will help upgrade her SIN to an rating 5. Her disguise consists of this SIN and a background in animal husbandry, supported by her zoology knowledge. Once at he party, she will approach Bernadine and retrieve what appears to be a necklace with some magical properties (as evidenced by a quicksilver photograph). Remembering back, Mara has been in the presence of this particular necklace before on a previous trip to Tír Tairngire where she briefly met Westley's mother. Mara arranges to be smuggled back to Seattle by the Laesa, through Argent.

The Run

Getting into Tír Tairngire is fairly uneventful. She makes the border crossing and her newly upgraded SIN passes muster at the border. At the crossing she does spot a Tir Ghost, a reminder of the way things could quickly go wrong. Driving into the capital, she sees some fairly obvious runners and an estate that definitely wasn't robbed by another haven runner. It's all quite nice, even comfortable for her.

Getting to the hotel, she makes good on learning the spell, and completing her disguise. Ohrwurm's driver is able to convey her to the soiree, and she arrives in good order and enters. Inside she has a brief conversation with a server and finds her self sympathizing with them on the basis of them both being at the whim of others. Before too long, a procession begins, Paladins and Nobles enter, followed by the Prince, an Ork in a Lilac Suit. Standing toward the back, she takes the opportunity to observe and look for Bernadine, which she is finally able to spot.

With her target in sight, she makes her way to casually 'bump' in to her, delayed here and there by talkative party goers. Making contact, she falls into an easy rapport with her target. They talk about Matilda becoming a noble, animals and milessaratish (Bondservants). Bernadine seems to put the crown Prince in this category, an interesting thought. The two decide to stick together through the meal as they both have come alone. Eventually as the stuffy party drags on they head to the ladies room to freshen up and imbibe some Novacoke. Mara, breaking a long standing moratorium on the substance, goes along, managing to not fall back into addiction. After their little party in the ladies room, the decide to take their leave and visit the zoo which is having a nocturnal animal exhibit. At the zoo, Mara comes clean about her purpose. Fueled by Novacoke, she convince Bernadine that it's best to give up the necklace than to deal with what comes after her. Suitably convinced, she hands it over. Mara hugs her and promises to send her a replica.

With the necklace in hand, she contacts Argent for her pickup. In the meantime, she wanders the city, high and teased by premonitions and some spirit visions. Finally she gets aboard the car sent by Argent, manned by a pair of twins. They get her back to the city safely.


A curious Mara has her Talismonger, Lady J, examine the object. She describes it as a Mana Battery, which Mara sums up as the equivalent of putting sand from a beach in a jar to carry with you. Mara then takes the necklace to Ohrwurm's office to complete the mission. She again presses the old spy master about Bondservants, to which Ohrwurm replies:

Ozidano teheron, milessaratish. Imo medaron co versakhan.


  • IG 3 (Masking) and 10% initiation discount
  • New "Telestrian Industries Perritaesa" (Fuchi Cyber X-7) commlink
  • Upgraded R3 fake Tír Tairngire SIN and licences to R5
  • Manipulation spell formula
  • Transportation out of Cara'sir
  • Social Chameleon @ chargen price
  • 2 CDP
  • Lots of question

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


It seems I never left the game quite as thoroughly as I had thought. Continuously pulled back in and I can't seem to slake my own curiosity - recently heightened by a reminder of the milessaratish and the crisp realization that I fit rather well into that category. It is comfortable in a very uncomfortable way. Perhaps that doesn't make sense, but the point is the shoe fits very well, but I simply do not like the style. There is a book that I must find. Something from the fourth world - The Rites and Rituals of Challenge. I'm fixated on it as I am the Gum Toad. It likely holds answers and no solutions.