The Love Of An Uncle

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The Love Of An Uncle
LocationEverett, Seattle
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven The Faceless
3 human gangers, 1 troll ganger, 1 slighly chromed ork ganger, Alesa
Casualties and losses
None All but Alesa


The runners are hired to recover an Ares weapon box and extract a girl.


Recently, a Vory goon that was trasporting a stolen Ares weapon stash was attacked by a newborn street gang called "the faceless". One of the Vory lideris, Sergei Ivanovich, had a niece that recently fell in love with one of those gangers, and fled the family to join them.

The Meet

The meet was at Sergei's bar, The Sting, a very depressing establishment in Everett. The Johnson, Sergei himself, was very cordial and open to all questions, and didn't beat around the bush. He revealed about the lost cargo, and the fact that he had to retrieve it ASAP. He decided to hire a shadowrunner team, instead of employing his underlings, since as for the Vory's code of honor, betrayal should always lead to death, and he just didn't had the guts to let his dear niece Alesa die. So the goals were to retrieve the girl and the stash, which were both located at the gang's main hideaout, an ex Renraku abandoned warehouse, and he also offered to throw in a few bonuses if the runners also wiped out the gang.

The Plan

Basilisk's original idea involved using NarcoJet on the target, putting a gas mask on her and then saturate the place with inhalable toxins, however, it quiclky was scrapped in favor of a more direct approach.

The Run

The team went to the place, seeing that the warehouse itself was very poorly kept and guarded, having only a single Faceless guarding the main entry point and a few CCTVs. Basilisk and Rurosha sneaked around the structure, discerning that it had only two entry points : a door on one side, and a gate at the other. They also noted the great abundance of glass windows and the fact that the walls were thin enough for shaped charges to just obliterate them. It was decided to attack at 3am to take advantage of the night, but out of sheer bad luck, a party was happening, with card games and loud music, so the plan of sneaking in was scrapped. While the team was evaluating wheter or not it was worth it to wait for another day or at least the morning of the same day, Rurosha took her own initative and tried to get in from the door, getting stopped by a ganger that she quickly dispatched. This lead to a firefight, in the which Noble took advantage of the inital confusion to take out a troll and one of the humans before they could react, while Potato dealt with the gang leader, Rurosha neutralised Alesa and Basilisk cleaned up the rest. After the quick assault was over, the team moved in, to see if anyone was still alive and thus deliver the coup de grace, recover the weapon stash and any weapon missing (2 Ares Alphas and 3 Ares Lightfire 75s, all lying next to dead gangers who were using them), bring everything (unconscious girl included) to Prince's car.


The Johnson quickly rushed to the team when they reached the drop point, ignoring everything else until he confirmed that his niece was still in one piece. Afterwards, he retrieved the stash and asked for evidence of the complete annhilation of the Faceless, which was provided in the form of video footage from both Prince's and Potato's cybereyes.


14k nuyens or 28k nuyens worth of russian firearms (with relative ammo and mods) or cyberware 5 karma

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


So a Vory niece got caught up in the wrong crowd, scouted by day and then by night. Initial plan was let Ms. Basilisk go in with all manner of toxic chemicals, but she's not quite the sneak like Rurosha and me. We ended up going in on them the hard way at 4 am with them partying and guzzling drugs. The first order of my business was to drop a troll. You always hit trolls with APDS, and he went down quickly, the others were just mopping up. After that I steeled myself and confirmed the kills for the johnson, and I know I'm not sleeping for the next few days until I can stop feeling them suffering as I squeezed the trigger again and again.


I have concerns about the J's relationship with the target, but otherwise the job was fairly standard. Basilisk was overly cautious for some gangers, but I'm reasonably sure that it's not entirely unfounded.


Easy money. Kill a few incompetent gang members, save the clueless Vory member, return. Not a lot of complications here. Things went quite smoothly and the money was pretty nice.