The Most Urban Brawl 3: A Nice Clean Match

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The Most Urban Brawl 3: A Nice Clean Match
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Hail to the King
Alfonso MacGuinness
King Beef Impersonater
Dwarf Sniper
Enemy Mage
Enemies Bruisers
Casualties and losses
None All except for the dwarf sniper


Brodie J. (who is working with or at Horizon for some reason) wants to do a little scrimmage match with less lethality than normal and hires a runner team. Unfortunately, Anderson Silvers isn't a fan of the opposing team and wants 'em all dead. Things get messed up and the runners morality is called into question.


Brodie J. and Federated Boeing have been making a killing off The Most Urban Brawl series of matches. To further capitalize on the media series, Brodie J. has partenered with Horizon (against his fathers best wishes) for the current season. More and more teams are popping up and an up-and-coming Most Urban Brawl team from the Barrens requested a match with Horizon. Now, Federated Boeing has an excellent team and record but Horizon is fresh-faced and they asked Brodie J. to facilitate a runner team, a request with which he happily complied.

The Meet

The runners received their fixer calls and messages and found their way to a Horizon building, where Brodie J. was happily doing Novacoke. A lot of Novacoke. He invited them in and informed them of the new partnership match. Horizon wanted them to build up a rivalry with this team, as its good for the ratings, so killing would be disincentivized. As he promised a handful of money and sent them on their way, a limo pulled up outside.

Inside was none other than Anderson Silvers. He told the runners that this team had a brutal history, taking out some of his longtime clients in their path of Urban Brawl destruction. He promised more cash (as well as cyberlimb upgrades and a car) if the runners would ignore Brodie J.'s plan and just straight up kill the other team. The runners, prompted by easy cash, agreed with a smile.

The Plan

Newt and Wasp snuck in early to examine the playing field. They found it staffed by camera crews and, suspiciously, a lone figure with a camouflage cloak and a sniper. The two parties spotted one another and the runners lept into action, hoping to kill the opfor member before they could escape. They had no such luck and the sniper was able to slip away. They did learn the ball was ticking as well. Dejected, the 2 runners returned and prepared for the game.

The Run

After the runners finished their preparations with spells and drugs and spirits, they stepped out onto the field with a dramatic announcement. Then, the other team made their appearance. 'Hail to the King.' Roaring forward was a pale, albino minotaur, hopped up on k-10. Behind them, a lanky mage and a pair of orcish twins wielding assault rifles. The fight had begun. Rhicter began by dropping the mage instantly with her Ares Alpha. Lethally. Very lethally. The minotaur and the 2 twins roared forward at breakneck pace, engaging in a brawl with Winter's spirit and Alfonso, while Rhicter ducked behind cover and Fletchette tossed hatchet after hatchet into the fray. Suddenly, the crack of a sniper. The hidden sniper had made an appearance, sinking a round into Rhicter's armor. As a Kami addled Newt charged forward, she was shot in the stomach by one of the twins, nearly dropping her. She persevered, taking cover and dropping one of the twins. Winter dropped a blizzard and Fletchette finally managed to drop the King Beef impersonator with a handaxe as Wasp slid him across one of Winter's ice slick's into the twins. After just 3 seconds, the entire enemy team was dead and unconcious, except for the hidden snipers.

Recalling their deal with Anderson Silvers to kill the entire enemy team, Rhicter put a gun to the head of the unconscious minotaur and shouted for the sniper to come out or she'd shoot her helpless friend. After a moment, there was the sound of a rifle thudding to the ground as the Dwarven sniper re-appeared with her hands up. Surrendering. Out of the fight.

Rhichter turned to her and fired 10 rounds at her skull.

In that millisecond, Wasp realized that killing someone who had clearly surrendered, even if it went against the J and his teammates, was not something he wanted to do. He shoved the dwarf out of the way. Winter, who came to a similar realization, dropped a mist spell, letting the dwarf escape.


As the team stood there, at odds with one another, Newt finished off the unconscious opfor with her revolver, grabbed the ball and scored. The ball promptly exploded into fireworks, nearly setting her on fire. With a stunned silence falling over the field and both J's dis-satisfied, the runners went their separate ways


22,000 Nuyen from both payments of Brodie J and Anderson Silvers (11 RVP)

6 CDP (2 RVP)

1 Point of Notoriety

FOR WINTER Up to 44,000 nuyen in car (11 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"It looked like it'd be fun to get paid for actual athletics and good hearted combat, until they started trying to ice us and then my team mates decided it was time to go full Murder Death Kill bot on the opponents. But we got paid, even if I feel like any real sporting match is likely to look at us with suspicion now."


"Jobs run the length of morality. But you get paid to do a job, you do the job. Ain't no room for morales. This was a straight up murder run, and the others agreed to it. But it looks like the Haven is picking up some bleeding hearts here and there; nothing to be done about it. You betray the J, you face the consequences. Don't betray the J unless you are fully prepared for the consequences. This was a simple job, easy money. But all it takes is one person to muck it up. Morales. Who needs em."