The Sweet, The Salty and the Sour

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The Sweet, The Salty and the Sour
GMZerre de Seattle
LocationTacoma, Loveland, Seattle
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Nerlithothep the Succubus
Holly Rogers And Crew
Sweetie Sinful
A mage, a Street Sam and a bunch of Henchman
Casualties and losses
Sweetie's Focus. All of them


A young girl is missing, someone need to find her. Hopefully Sweetie Sinful is here to save the day.


The son of Rodney Goodman a bartender of Bellevue, got beat up after looking for his missing Girlfriend. Tight on money he can't really afford to call much runner, calling in the shadow sphere he manage to get a contact from Alessa P who send Sweetie to see what could be done about the whole story.

The Meet

Sweetie got call in the early morning and had an appointment for 9 AM to the Mulligan's (Rodney's pub) but end showing up at 10 because of her morning routine. The meet is pretty straighforward as Rodney is accustom with the shadow. He resume the situation as is : His son girlfriend, Nyoko Shibata disappeared five days ago, Steve (his son) looked for her and got beat up by gangers for that. For Rodney it's obviously an abduction. He know where the girl work in Tacoma and that the Gang know probably something about the abduction as well. Alongside the basic information he offer 4000 nuyens as the whole payment for the run. Which Sweetie don't really accept (and will never accept).

The Run

Sweetie don't lose anymore time and quickly reach for Tacoma, where she start her investigation by looking at the workplace of Nyoko, a clandestine cloth workshop. There Sweetie learn that Nyoko is not the first girl that disappeared and is given the picture of another one Nadejda, she is also sent to a Stuffer Shack owner who usually know a lot a about the neighborhood. At the place Sweetie find a really nervous owner that ask her to leave after he gave her a comlink number about someone "who know" about the whole thing. The number was a false one but as Sweetie is roaming around the neighborhood she is surprised by a young mexican boy who introduce himself as Sandro. The young boy in exchange of some nuyens explain that he saw Nyoko hopping in a classy car. It seemed weird to the young boy who did take a picture of the licence plate. Accodingly Sweetie make a matrix search and to her own surprise she manage to retrieve the guy who own the car. Mr Honzo Shinjô, she also found his adress and learned that he was working for Mitushama as a warder.

Sweetie then borrowed a car from Alessa P to watch over Shinjô appartment without being notice. Homever her lack of focus did make her have an hard time about staying well, focus. After a seven hour and when it was about 9AM Sweetie kind of figured that Mr Shinjô wasn't working today as is car was still there. After a fast talk with the caretaker/guard of the appartment she manage to reach his home only to hear that the pervert was having fun. Sweetie did wait until this was over and introduce herself when the man finally open, she did introduce herself as someone working in the same kind of circle and kind of lure Shinjô to believe she was an envoy of the person who "buy" the girl. Excusing herself Sweetie fake a toilet trip and did check Shinjô bedroom to find a doll.

Shinjô did homever call his usual interlocutor when Sweetie came back and realise that she wasn't related to he buisness at all (Being a Girl she couldn't have been of the Yakuza). After a quick fight Sweetie handcuffed the mage and check on the girl. Sweetie did jack off the personafix and tried to chill the girl out but the BTL was linked to a Cortical bomb and the explosion caught Sweetie right away. She did leave the appartment with the mage that she did hand over to the Weekender to make sure she die or at the very least disappear. Homever the whole thing wasn't useless as she know where to find the girl now a Club called "The Flower of Lotus" in Loveland.

After such thing Sweetie take two night of rest and when it come to going to the club she feel like going alone could be a bad idea. According to this she call Barracuda who gladly come to help. The duo after a good shot of novacoke start the infiltration of the club. Quickly finding out how to reach the first underground level who is dedicate to "massage", reaching for the place Sweetie feel herself in harmony with the place, losing her focus as Barrcuda feel that some magic is in effect, after the arrival at the "massage" level Sweetie hear a sweet voice in her head that ask her to take deepweed, Barracuda stop her and the duo witness a spirit materialize.

Barracuda quickly recognize a Succubus, while Sweetie just feel aroused and horny. The spirit introduce herself as Nerlithothep, a genuinely kind succubus who don't really like the fact that the place is an Bunraku Brothel. She say that she can't really act because there is a mage looking for her and wish good luck to the duo before disappearing. After this unexcepted meeting, the duo reach for the manager to get the service of one of the doll. They indeed realise that Nyoko is on the list of the available doll and so they choose to pay for her. Going down another underground level more the duo reach for Nyoko who is lost because of her personafix (which have been set on a rather passive personality). Since it look like there is a lot of doll

Barracuda and Sweetie try to make up a plan to set the other girl free. But they can't really scout the place to find where they are. Barracuda call for Nerlithothep who say she can do that if one of the two give some karma. Barracuda straight up refuse so the Succubus sulk. After a quick argue between the Ganger and Sweetie the later finally got the occasion of getting some "love". Satisfied by the offering, Nerlithothep scoot the third and last basement level and come back telling that their was about ten signature in the place. After a call to Holly Rogers and her crews, the duo wait until the pirate strike the place according to the plan. At the first explosion, Sweetie and Barracuda rushed for the last basement, gathered the girl and seize the opportunity to leave the place, while they run away Baraccuda meet the mage that was annoying the succubus and snapped his neck with a powerful punch.


The girls freed Barracuda lay a call to Vee-Jay to get the adress of a Street Doc that could take all the Cortical Bomb. This done they were all freed some did stay around the place as Sweetie is advided by her new friend to keep the place now that the Yakuza has been cast away and that could be a good way to have a good way to get people living true pleasure. The other girl take the numbers of Alessa P or did accept Barracuda gang protection for a while. Rodney was more than happy to get the girl back, he did insist about giving something to the runners that were refusing the money. He did accept to don't pay them in exchange of one free service should they ever need it.


Run Reward for "The Sweet, The Salty and the Sour"

For Sweetie : Initiation discount (-10%)

1 month of Commercial - Bar in Puyallup

Dangerous Area [-20%]

Rough Neighbourhood

Bat Cave

Dependent does some stuff

total price: 8000 (4 RVP)

2 Knowledge anatomy (Sweetie will pick Succubus speciality) (1 RVP)

Rodney Goodman 4/3 (5 RVP) or 5 Karma

Nerlithothep the Succubus (1/3 3 RVP)

Own 1 chip to Holly Roger and crew

If Rodney is pick he own you a chip

For Barracuda :

5 Karma

Rodney Goodman 4/3 (5 RVP) or 5 Karma

Nerlithothep the Succubus (1/3) or 3 Karma

If Rodney is pick he own you a chip


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