The Weaver, Revealed

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The Weaver, Revealed
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Lachesis Research
Spider Scary AI
Casualties and losses
Scary AI?
Spider burned 1 Edge to Smackdown


Spider discovers an AI that has been influenced by a 4th world artifact about The Enemy that is conducting mass surveillance over UCAS and CAS, and she destroys its Host.


The Meet

While playing Go, Spider notices some red chain marks on her opponent. She spots a red orb inside of the wall, hidden from her opponent, which seems to be the originator of the marks. After winning the game of Go, she sneakily follows her opponent through the matrix to a Lachesis Research host. Here, she discovers that everyone has one of those red orbs hidden in the walls. She searches the host for more information, and finds a hidden pathway to another host. Inside, she finds a massive AI inside of a rating 11 rogue host. She heads down another pathway and ends up inside of the Seattle city government host, the section being run by KE, and sees more orbs and red chain marks. She spots someone in AR that she assumes is a fleshform being completely controlled by the orb.

The Plan

Spider makes a plan to meet the fleshform at the coffee shop he goes to in the morning. First, however, she learns everything she can about Lachesis Research. They have security contracts with UCAS and CAS, and they're secretly known for black ops. She learns that 6 months ago they dramatically changed their operating procedure to be a lot more subtle, and around the same time they extracted an AI researcher from Hong Kong and killed the rest of that person's team after sabotaging their research. She meets the fleshform then, and after she calms the fleshform down, the fleshform tells her that, "we tried to escape... they were already here... they were already here.". She agrees to kill the fleshform after he gives her some information on the AI. She decides the best course of action would be to destroy the host the AI is in, since fighting the AI directly would be tantamount of suicide.

The Run

Spider slips into the Foundation of the rating 11 rogue host, and ends up in a 4th world battlefield. She makes her way towards the Master Control Node, and there meets what is the memory of An Enemy possessing a metahuman. She works on destroying the foundation here, which she must succeed at 11 times in a row, while The Enemy attacks her along with the rest of the foundation. She fails on her second attempt... However, she manages to destroy the foundation after trying again from the start. She is heavily wounded, however, as she is dumped back onto the grid.


Spider learns that Lachesis has plans to be back up and running within 6 months. She is terrified.


7 karma, Cyber Singularity Seeker, IG discount, 2 CDP + Increase the Loyalty of News Van Dan and Carly Reeves by one. Rewards above high cap approved by thematics head.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


That was completely terrifying. Somehow this AI has incorporated something from The Enemy... We're all in trouble if we can't stop this. I... I don't know what to do.