Those Who Cry Without a Voice

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Those Who Cry Without a Voice
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven ???


The run contribute of the runners meeting up together at the old abandoned apartment complex and then deciding to investigate and help recover a individual who was hurt while fighting a insect spirit


A bunch of strange occurrences have been happening with the number of some long dead shadowrunner sending out strange messages an often have some type of meaning to them .the first one was to investigate a old abandoned apartment complex

The Meet

There wasn't really a traditional meet during this run the group each were contacted by the respectable fixtures and asked to investigate this place from it being a rather interesting thing to check out if a friend was OK ,too investigating strange noises or looking for a loss animal in the area which was very different from a most normal run and even some of the fixtures responded being strange

The Plan

During the course of their investigation spider would discover a few commlinks and acquire information that was on them ,especially one called Deadshot incorporated ,which appears to be a appears to be dedicated towards monitoring assassination contracts and other form of shadowy business. Milliam checked out inside of the second floor and found a dead body along with a very fat cat. Sherry and Swerve checked out the bottom floor before moving up to the 4 floor, which due to Spider figure out had a child up there watching TV. During the way up to the 4th floor they ran across I'm plant a first 1 plant spirit who was watching over the place and did noting much but yell and give a few hints to who he was working for.

The Run

the group run into a minor problem trying to access the room and what eventually revert to one of them using magic, Sherry would take the form little Fox forgetting that it does not meld her clothes with her body and they fell to the floor ,slipping through a rather large doggy door that was made for a fat cat they would revert back to their elven form an get their clothes out from the hole in the door before unlocking for the rest of the party .The young child hide during the time and while the rest of the party got in once the door was unlocked, they would talk with the child who seem to have no family and was being watched by a hot headed beast way adept, who seem to focus on making sure the child is taken care of, and unknowing of their fate at the current time.

After a bit more investigating and calling up a certain contact they would eventually find the location of this beast way adapt who happened to have loss a battle against a insect spirit and was left in a very critical condition on the verge of death ,due to the application of magic in the party arriving there at time be hotheaded individual was managed to be saved  


In the aftermath of the run, they save the foolish Sypech and he had a union with his ward, but due to the battle against the spirit he was force to retire and now have to work by helping Chernobog and little Lokar is happy to have his adopted father alive


10k (5 RVP) 4k (2 RVP) 5 Karma (5 RVP)

Optional Contact: Chernobog 1/3. IF you already have him, you gain a chip (RVP 3)

Optional Contact: Sypech 2/2 (RVP 3)

Optional Contact: I'm a plant. the free spirit plant 1/2 (RVP 2)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


This run was almost really depressing I'll admit. I thought that man was dead for sure I'll admit. He must be made of iron to survive that long. Respect to him. I hope that child comes out of this alright. Being barcoded is a pretty disgusting thing. He's probably with a decent family now at least though. Maybe he'll learn some useful skills from his assassin father/mentor.


I was pretty sure he was dead. It's nice to be surprised sometimes.