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Skimming Cybernetic Street Samurai
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
D.O.B.September 21, 2060
Sum to TenMetatype - E
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - C
Resources - A

Character Information


An Urban Brawl Enthusiast, skimming away from that matrix noise.


Stop the Noise

Listen to some music

Understand the concept of LOVE


Born on September 21, 2060, Abigail Midge was raised in Renton, by two ex-runners Davis "Cement Face" Midge, and his wife Ano "Gokiburi" Watanabe. Her father was an Israeli runner, who fled to America after a run went rotten. Her mother a Japanese-American Otaku, died in the Crash 2.0, and since then Abigail has been suffering from AIPs. After the crash, Her father took a job at a plasteel plant to afford to live in Renton, leaving Abigail to be raised by Neo J-Pop and Weekly Urban Brawl. Due to this at a young age Abigail had developed a tendency for sudden spouts hyper violence, possibly added onto by her heritage, and suffering from AIPs, often skipping yeshiva at her synagogue, to terrorize and beat her fellow peers into submission. At 15, she had created a cabal of thirteen fellow juvenile delinquents, too continue the onslaught, under the guise of an amateur Urban Brawl team, going by "Scars n' Scrikes". Often taking to the streets of Redmond, the Scars would challenge rival teams to impromptu matches, usually via ambushes, and gang warfare. They would reap the rewards of the hunt, by looting whatever food, drugs, and cash their victims had on them.

Everything was going swell, until the Scars had made a fatal mistake. After a match well won, the Scars proceeded to pilfer through the assualties pockets, but something snapped in Abigail. She hadn't stopped beating the poor dwarven child, desperately huddled atop his cyberdeck. With every thwap of her boken, you could hear bones crack, and a hideous yelp release from the kid's throat. Screaming at him to turn it off, it was as if Abigail was trying to break through him to get to his deck. The dwarf trying to intercept delivery drones, was using a jam signal program, and it had set off Abigail into a blind rage until it stopped. The noise being generated hadn't stopped till, the blood leaking out of him fried his cyberdeck's circuit-board. The Scars continue on there way, leaving the broken and bloodied dwarf in the alleyway to die.

3 years later, the "Scars n' Scrikes" are mostly defunct, after quite a few arrests, and losing Hector, the only remnants were Abigail, Grover, and Cid. Stuck in a shitty Redmond apartment, the last three Scars made a living committing petty crimes, and huffing Jazz. Abigail receives a message from the Redmond Urban Brawl Association, inviting her and the Scars to an amateurs only tournament for a chance to join the Seattle Screamers. Arriving at the location for the tournament, an abandoned warehouse east of Redmond, the lazily put up "REDMOND ALL AMATURS TOURMENT" didn't dissuade the Scars either incapable of reading, or not going to lose this chance due to a few typos. Entering into the warehouse, the Scars are met with seven dwarves, and before Cid could make a snow white reference, they we're gibbed by a hand grenade. Grover ran to the door, desperately pulling at its bars, gaining a chuckle from the dwarves as he couldn't read the push sign, getting fragged by a spray of bullets. Abigail was the only one left standing, trembling as she gripped her boken. One of the dwarves stepped foward, with a sickening smile on his face uttering "This is for Bentley", before tossing a satchel of C4 between her legs. Abigail wakes up, waves of red washing over her eyes, and a tsunami of matrix drek crashing through her skull. Her new cybereyes kick in, finding herself in a street doc's office. Her limbs have been replaced with dated cybernetics, as the street doc fruitlessly tries to talk to her, the subtitles turning into large blocks of mindless jargon cover up her field of view. Dazed and confused, Abigail is unresponsive, the street doc shrugs, as he hands her a envelope before leaving the room. Abigail opens up parcel, finding a letter and a credstick.


You sure got yourself into a drek load of trouble, whatever wasn't spent keeping you alive, is in the credstick. Daddy's gotta disappear for a while, enjoy the hand me downs. Keep off that Urban Brawl drek, and for fuck's sake keep away from the Red Hot Nukes.

,Cement Face.

Abigail gets up from the operation table, and collects herself. She steps out onto the streets of Seattle, and checks the credstick. 25 nuyen, dead broke, and fucked beyond repair, Abigail begins her new criminal career, as the shadowrunner "Toughie".

Narrative Significant Qualities


Redliner - Unaware that safety features, are there for a reason.


AIPS - Developed AIPs at a young age after the 2.0 Crash, possibly inherited from her mother, Abigail has lived with it since then. Abigail prefers to commute underground, via train or skimming through the sewers.

Deaf - A combination overtly loud Neo-J Pop, and dwarven explosive blunt force trauma has left Abigail deaf in both ears.

Superhuman Psychosis - With Abigail's generally violent and competitive nature, she has realized that if she can easily skim, slice, or shoot through it, it's probably not worth her time.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Crossfire: Local OffensiveHail to the Pumpking1 February 2082
Digital Dark AgeThe Cutter's Curator27 January 2082



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Alessa P 4 2 Fixer Owner of The Daze The Daze, Shadow Connections, Ear to the Ground, Punk Rocker, Bootleggers Even
Professor Simeon Jones 3 1 Networking Museum Curator 5th World Tech Enthusiast, Museum Curator, Back Alley Museum, Historic Academic Even
Jane Dior 5 1 Custom(G,K,A,N) Redmond Strike Team Leader Evidence Lock-Up Inventory, Surplus Vendor, Anonymous Contraband Contributions, Patrol Permits, Professional Procedures, Fibbin' Forgeries Even




In Character Information

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 Results for Pro-Roller Derby Skater, Marjorie Clair Louise Theresa Brasuhn Monte.
3 Various posts about Teiko Ikemoto, and complaints about the state of the Seattle Screamers.
6 Footage of a young Toughie beating a dwarven teenager, before it cuts off to black.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result
1 That deaf chick blaring Neo J-pop out her headphones?
3 Some Renton girl, says that she could've gone pro, and starts skimming away when you start asking questions.
5 An Schizo, that terrorized the borders between Renton, and Redmond in the early 70s. Rumor is that she murdered a go-ganger's kid, and suffered the price for it. Scared drekless, whenever she hears anything about the Red Hot Nukes.


Rating 4 : Arthur Fuchsfast, UCAS Citizen, Fire Arms, Cyberware, and Bountyhunter Licenses


A woman of Japanese-Israeli descent, she has tanned skin, and a pair of yellow cybernetic eyes. Her short hair is white, wild, and windswept. She has a thin lithely build, weighing 115 lbs, and standing at 4'11". She has a full set of cyberlimbs, slightly too big for her body, and clearly well "loved" adorned with various novelty stickers dating back to the 2050s. Her spine has been replaced with a metal facsimile, and the nerves on her back fizzle with electricity.


She usually wears a yellow jacket, emblazoning the Scar n' Scrikes logo on it's back, a chameleon suit, and a patterned hakama. Otherwise she trudges through the Seattle downpour, in a red rain coat, and whatever was clean that day.

Matrix Persona

Toughie tries to avoid the matrix when she can, leaving it on the default persona.

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