Trash (Panda) Removal

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Trash (Panda) Removal
LocationStuffer Shack in Carbonado, Puyallup
Status Threat Level: Low
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Racoons
10 Racoons


The Runners were tasked with with dealing with an infestation of raccoon. While it seemed simple at first, it quickly spiraled out of control.


A Stuffer Shack in Carbonado was having "Racoon Issues"; local raccoons had been breaking into the vending machines and stealing Soy Cheetos at a consistent and financially unsustainable rate. The manager of the Stuffer Shack had previously attempted to have the problem solved multiple times, but any pest control agency who would come all the way out to Puyallup got scared off without collecting payment, typically saying something about their equipment malfunctioning in strange ways. This led to the manager doing what any reasonable person does when having seemingly intractable pest issues, calling in Shadowrunners.

The Meet

The Runners arrived at the Stuffer Shack to find the J, the manager, in the back room in VR. After getting him out of VR, he explained to the crew the specifics of his situation, warning them that the area was Chulos gang territory, and offering the runners a payday of 6,000 nuyen. The runners were all very confused as to why they, of all people, were called to do pest control, but they decided that easy money wass easy money.

The Plan

After discovering the location of the Racoon burrow, Vikar and Pell also discovered that some of the critters were Emerged, which startled the runners. Pell called up their contact Beast Master and arranged for the critters to be relocated if the runners could trap and transport them to the animal expert. Pell summoned an Animal Spirit to lead the raccoons into a Faraday caged lined bag provided by Tempo happened to have in his car.

The Run

The Animal Spirit successfully herded the Raccoons all but one of the raccoons into the bag, leaving one loose on the ground. After multiple failed attempts to handle the loose-end raccoon, Tempo decided to load a gel round and hope that it survived a shot. The shot missed and caused it to run away, however, the runners eventually corralled the Racoon and Vikar got it in their hands just as they heard the roar of bikes coming in their direction. The crew very quickly geared up, Pell prepared themself to fight, while Vikar and Tempo fumbled with their weapons while trying to stuff the final Racoon into a separate bag. The duo successfully placed the errant critter in the bag just as the Chulos rode up. The gangers were very confused as to why the group was capturing critters, and explained that they were investigating the earlier gunshot. After a long tense discussion about the particulars of the situation, escalating when the gangers found out about the Emerged nature of some of the critters and showing an interest in perhaps selling the critters to MCT. The runners, exasperated at this point, explained that MCT will not treat favorably those who attempt such an attempted sale, and the situation was eventually fully de-escalated by the not-so-timely arrival of the J. Mollified, the gangers went on their way, and the team is able to wrap up the mission without further incident.


The runners got in touch with a smuggler contact and got the critters across the border to be (hopefully) relocated by Beastmaster. The J was thankful that the runners completed the job without harming the animals, and gave the team a bonus.


6,000 nuyen base pay (3 RVP)

4,000 nuyen (2 RVP)

3 karma (3 RVP)


For Tempo: Your Faraday Bag now permanently smells of raccoon, SoyCheetos, and sadness.

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


Well, that was a first, dealing with Emerged critters. This job was also weird all around, and I'm not sure how to feel about that right now. :x


not one of those weird jobs dealing with a group of raccoons. but overall the job was done.