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Part of The Crow of Seattle
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
ShadowHaven Medical Staff
IC, mostly.
Casualties and losses
One DemiGOD's pride.
This run was an initiation ordeal.


Charon escalates from murdering elderly people and grandfathers to killing a comatose patient. Or does she?


In 2011, Charon was assaulted and hospitalized by a group of scum taking advantage of the riots and chaos. She's kept a kill list ever since, but she's begun finding more success thanks to her increasing connections.

The Lead & Concession

As a member of one of the first tier lodges in the Black Lodge, Charon has gained further access to potential leads on her quest for revenge. One of her colleagues slips her a piece of potential information about a hospital in Downtown where a man going by the name Richard Woolsey had been admitted to thirty or so years ago. Charon does a cursory search for this hospital with the agent on one of her commlinks, but the program only returns cursory information, such as the place being privately owned. Since she has no hacking skills of her own, she asks the Haven for assistance. Not one, but three deckers show up to see what the fuss is about, and while Charon can offer to shake her target for potential payment, she cannot guarantee immediate remuneration for the deckers' efforts. Push comes to shove, they can loot the host for paydata or she can owe them a favor and pay out of pocket as soon as possible. This seems to make sense and the team agrees.

Into The Matrix

The three deckers get closer to Downtown, finding a place in a nearby hotel and getting free drinks with their hacking skills. Once they set themselves up, they begin their operation to infiltrate the host and get information about Woolsey. Long story short, three hackers against a host like this is next to no contest and they ram their way through any resistance, mostly with sleazy and unnoticed hacking skills. They find a destination host and another host nested within it, making the dive slightly more exciting. Still, they find a room number and the potential that Woolsey's been comatose in his room in the hospital for decades. Charon thanks the team for their help and doesn't demand their help in infiltrating the hospital, stating that they've already done plenty in her favor and that she'll remain grateful. After that, the looting and plundering of secured files begins and plenty is extracted before the three deckers exfiltrate and jack out, happy about a quick paycheck.

Unstoppable Reckoning

Charon slinks into one of the alleyways near the hospital parking lot, leaves almost all of her belongings behind and shrouds herself with unholy agility in the form of Vampiric Speed. After that, she turns into a cloud of mist and jets up the building, landing on the roof and ripping the roof access open. Jumping down the staircase, she freefalls and mist forms again at the emergency staircase exit of the second floor. Breaching through the door, setting off alarms and having security called to her, Charon makes sure her Faceless system is active, barges to room 269 and rips the door off its hinges. The overpressurization of the room shoots gusts of air at the vampire as she finds her quarry, more tubes and machinery than man after being sustained in a medical coma for god knows how long. Infuriated that she won't get to see his last moments be spent in fear, she rips him out of the machines and throws his limp, almost mummified body into the wall across the corridor. Killing him within seconds of not being ventilated 24/7, Charon writes her trademark words 'YOU'RE NEXT' on the wall in his blood. Soon after, she exfiltrates the same way she came before security can catch up to her.



  • Ordeal Discount
  • 8 Karma
  • 6 CDP

Cricket, Apex, Archivist

  • 3 Karma
  • 10,000 Nuyen
  • 2 CDP

Charon's After Action Report

"This doesn't feel right. I wasn't fast enough to get him, not even close! He was probably braindead by now and didn't feel a thing. Thirty years... I was thirty years too late to see him suffer. He got out easy. Too easy for a scumbag like him. I can't stop here. I need to pick up the pace and put everything I can into finding the rest. There aren't many, but I refuse to let the slow march of time claim even a single one more. They're my prey. Mine. I won't let anyone else have them. And as for Woolsey... Not as satisfying as I wanted it to be, but it'll do for now. What matters is that I felt a shift after that. Like with every other I've done until now, each time I get closer to revenge my bond grows deeper. The old man next to me approves. He says it's just another stepping stone on my way to apotheosis. Am I to be a god? No. If even the Great Dragons haven't gotten there, how could I? But I am getting closer to ascending... somewhere. And now I have a scythe. Bitching."

Apex's After Action Report

"I have like, no idea about anything of what Charon said. That dude must have been a real nuisance for her to go to such lenghts to obtain her vengeance. Still, quick smash and grab, got to know other hackers and got also free drinks. Cool! (Also Charon for the whole godhood thing please read "Metahumanity redefined: A Story of mana and steel" by Moony Collins, it may be enlightening!)"