Velociraptor Equals Distraptor Over Timeraptor 2: The Lost World

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Velociraptor Equals Distraptor Over Timeraptor 2: The Lost World
Part of The Cretaceous Clash
Gator box.jpeg
The eternal prison of Dr. Velo
LocationRenton Sewers
Status Threat Level: High
Factions Involved
The Crichtons (tenuous)
Dr. Velo (even more tenuous)
Dr. Velo's Army
The Incredible Behemoth
Alfonso MacGuinness
Dr. Velo Clementine Raptor
Several Gun Mounts
Casualties and losses
The Gun Mounts


The runners are hired to track down an escaped time raptor who ran into the sewer. It shouldn't be too hard, after all, it's just a dumb animal. Right?


After the events of Velociraptor Equals Disraptor Over Timeraptor, one time raptor that was subdued by Wychking remained. The Doctors Malcolm & Ian Crichton took this remaining raptor and made some changes. They began by stripping down the amount of ware, removing much of the strength enhancing technology, leaving only the greyware back legs it uses to stand. Then, they filled it to the brim with experimental bioware and geneware, all geared at boosting the SURGEd alligator's neurological processes. As a result, the creature became sentient and escaped into the sewers under Renton. After 1 week of sending interns to get lost and be slain in those dark tunnels, the Chrichtons decided they would need a little more help. They sent out a call to shadowhaven.

The runners received their promises of nuyen in the usual ways. Behemoth as she was convincing people to join the Seattle Communist Party (with mixed success), Shrike and Tempo in the comfort of their own homes and bear taking a nap after a long day of being an actual literal bear. United by the promise of nuyen (or food in bears case, or justice in Behemoth's case) they made their way to the meet.

But not before Behemoth bought a 1 gallon tub of honey for bear. He deserves it.

The Meet

Rolling up to the Crichton's private lab, the runners were met by the Crichton's themselves (Whom, to Behemoth's dice's fortune, were not communists). The two scientists told the runners the entirety of the situation. They had made an attempt to implant ware into a time-raptor with the goal of sentience. Unfortunately, the experiment was a failure and the single, NON-SENTIENT time raptor had escaped into the sewers under Renton. While a few of the runners took the story at face value, Tempo was able to peer through the lies, sensing that something further was up with the story. The Crichtons promised 20,000 nuyen, which Behemoth used intimidation to raise to 30,000 with the promise of 10,000 for just investigating the situation. She was VERY intimidating.

The Crichton's offered their own private security man, Tedward to the party. With the location of the raptor escape marked and Tedward in tow, the runners took off.

The Plan

With the lack of information, the lying Johnsons and the security guard on their case, the runners simply decided to go in.

The Run

The runners climbed down into the pitch black sewers. The winding path of twisting tunnels and pretzeling pipes kept going until Shrike spotted a commlink and smartgun ahead. An alive intern, clawed across the chest, lay barely breathing against the tunnel wall. Shrike healed him with a medkit and they learned his team was dispatched into the sewers, where something hacked their contacts and they were cut down. Once healed, he hobbled away.

Mere moments later, a gas grenade thudded against the ground, releasing a cloud of toxins. The runners, hacking and coughing, exited the cloud but could not spot whatever had dropped the grenade. They only saw traces of a small creature, about the size of a chimpanzee, moving away. With another strange piece of the puzzle being laid out, the runners pushed forward. They pushed past traps and winding tunnels until they found an old elevator, with crates bearing the MCT logo. A single microphone and camera stood against the elevator wall.

As they stepped into the view of the camera, the microphone crackled to life with ... dolphin noises? Pushing off the confusion, Behemoth was able to mimic dolphin noises back and convince the creature to raise the elevator, bringing the runners up and face to face with 8 mounted gun turrets. The runners kicked into action. Behemoth grabbed Bear and threw him like a projectile where he slashed on in midair but took a nasty landing. Tempo charged one, Wasp drew his gun and fired but not before Shrike took a full burst of machinegun fire to the belly, just barely standing. With the threat fully realized, the runners (and Tedward) pushed into the guns, punching and clawing and axing and shooting until the guns were no more.

As they stood, surrounded by wreckage, Shrike with several pounds of bullets in him and Bear injured from the fall, a large Trid projector flickered on. A walking, talking, velociraptor turned to the runners, muttering about janitors and sewer workmen wandering in before leaping in surprise. The lab-coat and glasses clad velociraptor leaped backward in shock. As he began to tell the runners they would not disrupt his evil plans of annihilating the Crichton's and other animal experimenters, the runners told him that sounded pretty reasonable and they'd work with him. The raptor, still surprised, welcomed them in.

As they entered the lab, they were met with a porcupine in a mech suit and a dolphin cyberdoc. Unfortunately for everyone, Bear spotted the porcupines gun and, connecting it to that gun that had shot at him, charged it. The resulting fight ended with Tedward unconscious, the Dolphin punched, the porcupine's mechsuit destroyed and Behemoth crashing through several walls until the runners came face to face with Dr. Velo Clementine Raptor. He attempted to negotiate a deal between them but bear was faster, knocking out the SURGEd alligator. Once that was done, Behemoth delivered him to the The Dweller of the Tunnels for safe-keeping.


The runners collected their 10,000 nuyen hazard pay (with Shrike handing over some footage of the Raptor and Runners conversation) and Dr. Velo was imprisoned in the tunnels underneath Seattle, permanently and forever.



10,000 nuyen (5 RVP)

10 karma (10 RVP)

4 CDP (1 RVP)

Optional Contacts:

Doctors Malcolm & Ian Crichton at -2 chips and loyalty 1 (3 rvp)

Tedward at loyalty 5 (5 RVP)

OR Dr. Velo Clementine Raptor at loyalty 2 (5 rvp)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"I almost got out-hacked by a mole. The only saving grace is that this clusterfuck was so ridiculous that no one will believe that any of it happened, so my reputation as a matrix mastermind should remain intact."

Alfonso MacGuinness

"I had to push Shrike out of the way of getting even more bullets into him. Had to punch out a dolphin. It was pretty crazy, but I've never seen so much Nuyen for a simple investigation."


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