Where's the escape van

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Where's the escape van
GMZerre de Seattle
LocationRedmond, Seattle
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Knight Errant
Gav Jacinto
13 Knight Errant Escort
3 HTR Knight Errant Specialist
Casualties and losses
Strobe's Rotodrone 16 Knight Errant Death.


A strange group of paramilitary send a call to arms for an assassination. Some runners answer and Knight Errant is hit hard.


The N-51 is in a bad situation money wise. The contract against Neal Bates bring a good amount of money on the table. So the Commander decide to bring runner to complete his forces and make sure that his escape route will be protected.

The Meet

All the runners are contacted by their fixers who want answer about this strange group that send radio communication on the guest node of the Haven. According to this the runner reach the location of the meeting an old motel complexe lost in the outskirts of Seattle, a place Knight Errant never come more or less. On the meeting place the crew noticed the presence of an operative clad into an RPC cloak, the operative inform them that his superior is coming and that everything will be explained. An helicopter land about fifteen minutes later and the J emerge, he make a classic old school military briefing with a white board and paper files. They explain that they need the runner to protect the helicopter and make sure that a pilot will be on board and ready to take off when the job will be done. An harsh negotiation is made on the price and the J agree to offer some free service in place of more money.

The Run

After a night of sleep or a dose of long haul for some runners the team take off and reach a place near the border between Renton and the Downtown. Quickly deploying the N-51 quit the team and reach the place of the ambush. After fifteen minutes explosion and gunshot are heared by the team who quickly find herself under the assault of Knight Errant intervention forces. But Rewired got a Balista who quickly take care of all but one guy of the first team. While the second receive a grenade. In a matter of a few second the two team got glassed and the reinforcement come in hard. The third team manage to get a few more succes, destroying one of Strobe drones and nearly taking out Gav, but in the end they got killed like the other. A sniper did take some shot on the team and tried to pin them down but soon after the return of the N-51 team he did back off and the whole team board the helicopter. The getaway wasn't easy thought, soon after the take off Strobe realise he was chase by a Northrup Wasp, the patrol chopper was slower than the N-51 Black Hawk but he led the team into an area covered by a manned missile launcher. Strobe failed his evasive manoeuver and the helicopter took the hit. Despite losing an engine and part of the hull because of the impact, the Black-Hawk was still able to fly and to outspeed the Wasp. The team landed at the Motel more or less unharmed.


The Commander was happy with the whole operation and paid the runners after some delay because he was not using matrix mean of communication. He also offered membership to his group but no one take the offer.


"Where is the escape van ?"

20k Nuyens or 40k worth of Black Ops Technical Gear (B&E gear, Jammer and all that kind of stuff) (10 RVP)

Commander as a (2/1) contact (3 RVP) With one bonus chip because of Strobe negotiation

+1 notoriety


For Artemisia :

Ares Desert Strike with Smartgun (Internal), Extreme Environement Modifciation Rating 2 and Improve Range Finder. (10 RVP)

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"Wow, I've got some real mixed feeling about that one. On one hand, I got to fly a helicopter. Other runners were super cool, did their jobs well, and we made it through without serious injury. On the other hand... I kinda killed a cop. I think. I definitely helped kill a few, and I'm not even sure how to even begin dealing with it. I also lost a bunch of money. Turns out those fraggin' rotodrones have wet tissue paper for armor. 40 thousand nuyen right down the drain, just more debt to throw on the pile. Still, getting to fly a helicopter almost made it worth it."


"Indeed. More firepower to build my revenge. Slowly and surely. The 'commander' was a heretic but the job was almost enjoyable, meeting several potential members of the Children of the Goddess. Gunning down those pigs brought a smile to my face, seeing those filthy heathens burn in the cleansing fire of Goddess, it was a sight to behold."


Much as this new generation of cops like to think they're hot drek nothing like giving them a dose of reality with just how savage the world can be. Shame all those cops died to my missile fire, no time to feel bad for them they were probably just as corrupt as the old men I'm chasing after. Long as I keep telling myself that at least I can keep my actions justified, not sure if I can keep doing it when someone finally brings up my hypocrisy directly. On the upside these new runner runts seem like they've got their heads on straight, working with me and each other to take down all our targets. Rare you see a fresh team being competently coordinated.