White Picket Fences

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White Picket Fences
Status Threat Level: Medium
Factions Involved
Anderson Silvers
Gav Jacinto
Anita Gregory
KE Checkpoint Guard
Casualties and losses
None None


A datasteal performed on behalf of Anderson Silvers, the best personal injury attorney in the Seattle Metroplex. The runners Lambda, Canter, Bleue, and Gav were hired to retrieve a valuable report from the house of the paranoid Ares employee Anita Gregory. Through Lambda's research and some excellent facing by Bleue (less so by Gav), the team managed to enter into Anita's secure housing complex without tripping any alarms. The high speed chase through Ares extraterritoriality that Canter had been hired for never came, and the team managed to complete their mission with no casualties and only minor property damage.


Anita Gregory is a fairly run of the mill middle manager at Ares. She works in the home security department and unknowingly got her hands on some incredibly valuable paydata, a report pointing out a flaw in one of the company's most popular security systems. The data was worth millions as evidence in a class action lawsuit, and drew the attention of legal extraordinaire Anderson Silvers. Sensing the massive payday, he hired a team of runners to retrieve it before anyone else realized its value.

The Meet

The meet took place at the downtown restaurant Castello's. Most of the team made rather conventional entrances; Canter arrived by dropping out of the sky. She had been flying in her mothership when the job came through, and used a nearby construction sight as a ramp to drop into the parking lot. The rest of the team arrived to find her doing donuts in front of the luxury establishment.

The team said their hellos and were led to the VIP section of the restaurant, where they were they were greeted by Silvers and his bodyguard Orca. Silvers told them to order whatever they wanted, clearly in a better mood than usual, and so the team obliged by getting the most expensive items on the menu. As Canter drenched her puffer fish in hot sauce and Gave tore bare handed through her surf and turf, the team were briefed on the job.

The data at Gregory's house was to be brought to Silvers by any means necessary. Speed was more important than subtlety; it wouldn't be long before someone else realized the data's value and moved it to a more secure location. Due to the level of security in the gated community, the runners needed to expect a scuffle with KE. Payment was agreed at 22,000 nuyen per person, and the runners were sent on their way.

The Plan

After Silvers left, the runners proceeded to purchase the most expensive wine in the restaurant on his tab. They decided against planning in the restaurant, and went their separate ways to start doing legwork. Lambda cruised around the city while he ran his matrix searches, and Canter went to kill time by getting into street races. Bleue and Gav decided to do some social scouting, and went to go try and get day passes to tour the gated community.

Upon entering the reception building and being told that they would need to schedule their tour with a realtor, Gav decided to try and use her social standing to earn an exception. She flipped on her real SIN, bearing her priviliged family name, and with Bleue's assistance bribed the secretary with the promise of a big future payday. Passes secured, they set about defeating the real threat before them: a rating 5 SIN scanner. After much debate, the pair eventually got through by Gav claiming to the guard that the SIN scanner gave people cancer, and that she wouldn't accept being scanned. Bleue convinced the guard that she was Gav's bodyguard, and got him to just play along with her delusions. The pair got through without any other trouble, and cased the house.

The Run

After Lambda completed his matrix searching, the team met at a cafe to discuss their plan. Lambda would stay outside of the gate, in case his attack decking was needed, while the rest of the team would drive in with Canter. They would try to talk their way through again, and if that failed they'd do a standard smash and grab on the house. Through Bleue's persona as "Detective Ace Gunsmoke", she managed to convince the gate guard and Gregory herself that she was investigating a potential bomb threat. She was allowed to root through the paranoid Gregory's house, and pocketed the data without even raising an alarm.


As the runners left, the KE gate guard gave a heartfelt salute to Ace Gunsmoke, thanking him for all he did for the community. Silvers was extremely happy with their performance, and the payment was wired promptly. Their money collected, the runners went their seperate ways.


22,000 Nuyen 2 Karma Optional Contact: Anderson Silvers at loyalty 3

Game Quotes

Player After Action Reports (AARs)


"An intriguing spectacle of a run. I have the feeling this could have easily turned into a violent spectacle with great amounts of devastation and much loss of life. Those SIN scanners frustrate me, however. I should work on picking up more, higher quality SINs to avoid this issue. And that Gav Jacinto, I do not like them. I do not like them at all."