Wild Bull

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Wild Bull
Minotaur Cowboy Turned Street Sam
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
D.O.B.March 27, 2057
Sun To Ten (Prime)
Metatype - B
Attributes - E
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - B
Resources - A

Character Information



  • Save the ranch (by making enough nuyen to make sure the ranch does not need to be bought).
  • Get vengeance on Aztechnnology for breaking him.
  • Settle down with someone.
  • Be the biggest rodeo star/best known rodeo star in the Seattle (Formerly PAC West) area.


Bo is the youngest son of a family who owned a ranch near Corpus Chirsti, on the Atzlan side of the border. While it made for adjustments when they found out their youngest son grew into being a minotaur around puberty, he worked well with animals, and his natural strength made light work frequently of the chores around the house. His favorite thing being rodeo, he won a number of teenage championships due to his ability to being able to hangon and control the bulls.

About this time, his family faced a number of offers to sell their ancestral ranch to Aztechnology. The Parkers, not being particularly interested in the offers, refused. It had been the legacy of theirs since the Fifth World after all. During a championship two years ago, Bo had an accident involving a bull trampling and breaking a number of his legs and arms, shattering them. The expensive surgeries that involved getting him set up with new limbs almost bankrupted the Parkers, and put the future of the ranch on a knife's edge. Bo blames Aztechnology for his 'accident', and forced himself to build himself stronger, better; do jobs to keep the family fed and send money home, continuing to do rodeo as a way to pay the bills.. At this point, he's been encouraged into ShadowHaven for lucrative venures, hoping to earn enough money to make sure the ranch never leaves his family.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Positive: Common Sense, Natural Athlete, Drug Tolerant. (Not all qualities are listed here.)

Negative: Day Job (20 hours; rodeo circuit); Driven (Save the ranch), Dependent (Inconvenience: Bo spends a lot of time and money helping his family a long ways off), Poor Self Control (Thrill Seeker--he *did* go back to the rodeo), National SINner (Atzlan), Vendetta and Records on File (Aztechnology: he blames them for his accident (whether or not it's true or not could be a thing for a story or up to a GM) and they collected a lot of records on the family during the attempts to buy the ranch.)

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Glow Up CityAurora20 June 2082
Marvelous Beasts and Where to Find ThemDocMcGuffins31 May 2081
404 ErrorAuroraDeus Machina16 May 2081
Dainty Delicate DigitsDoom27 April 2081



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Sharog 4 2 Fixer Fixer First Impression, Corporate Mom, Middle-Class Friends, Cruel To Traitors, Politically Active Even
Dr. Gotham 4 2 Generalist Street Doc Psyche'd Up!, Cybertech, An Arm and A Leg, Torso Mods, Medical gear Even
Anything Andy 6 1 Generalist Generalist Smuggler, Black Market Rumors, Trog-Net, Bootleg Electronics, Bootleg Cyberware, Bootleg Weapons, Bootleg Armor Even




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Bo is covered in curly brown hair; with green eyes, wearing a cowboy hat shaped helmet between large horns. He is tall and large, like all of his minotaur metatype, and dresses in jeans and an armor jacket made to look like a cowboy duster, with a button down flannel patterned longsleeved shirt. His hands are obviously cyber, and if damage happens to his clothing, it's apparent that his hands and legs are as well.


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