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Bartender Face Mage
She make some of the better cocktails of Seattle and seem's to be good at magic.
Discord@Zerre de Seattle#7414
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D.O.B.8 December 2061
PriorityMetatype - E
Attributes - C
Magic/Resonance - A
Skills - B
Resources - D

Character Information


A young bartender who works at the Mulligan's, after some dire time she thought about running in the shadows to make her life more intense.


-Make sure that the Mulligan's stay the absolute perfect place it is.

-When the Mulligan's seem's safe to her, buy her own little bar.

-Avenge herself from some black mage who forced her into the magical traditions.

-Help people that are being forced into some way they don't want to follow.

-Get a Fenrir Wolf to make the gods proud of her.


Will-o'-the-wisp (Or Wisp) was born in Seattle, she was the daughter of a wealthy family and did have a great childhood. When she was about 15, she did awaken and her trouble began. She did already know what was her vocation, she was a party-goer and already did enjoy doing cocktails and serving alcohol to her friend. Homever, this enjoyable life did end as soon as the magic started being more and more obvious in her veins. In the matter of a week she was under the wing off a Black Mage, she quickly did hate this brutal change and she did try to find a way out at all cost. The training needed to become a black mage made Wispp sick of herself to the point she neglected her health. The only thing that kept her safe was some inner voice in her head, a warm feeling in her chest, the Fire-Bringer was watching her.

Soon after her 18th birthday, Wisp did get some luck though. During one night as she was wandering into Bellevue, she did find an old school-looking bar, and took a glance at the signboard "The Mulligan's". Staggering inside she did meet her savior, Rodney Goodman. The barman did find himself affected by the whole story, and Wisp played around getting an acquaintance of Goodman's son, Steve. Using some trick from the way she did hate, Wisp did manage to ensure the help of Goodman to get away from this hell.

Three month after her first meeting with Rodney, Wisp got "abducted" by some runners sent by the bartender. Wisp got to meet Halvor Ingvarsson a Norse Magician that did help her shifting her tradition, she also began to learn how to train and lead animals. The bartender also got the opportunity to meet her mentor spirit around that time, as a man who carries some bottles of "Frisengeist".

Everything was going better and better, Wisp started to work at the bar and managed to become a good Norse follower. But she was missing some adrenalin and something that would make her realise that her body was still a mess. Someday Rodney did just call her and said that she wasn't working at the bar today... She was going to do her first run !

Narrative Significant Qualities


Exceptionnal Attribute (CHA) : Wisp is an absolute Cold-Beauty, The neo-noir Bartender with a look you can't just forget like that. This and her silver tongues help her a lot during her life and it will in the Shadow.

Too pretty to hit : Wisp is looking good and also no one can ignore her weak body...So few people actually got the guts to shoot at her.

Mentor Spirit (Fire-Bringer) : Sometime late in the night shift, Wisp often drinks some Frisengeist and talks alone with her mentor spirit.


Day Job (20 hrs a week) : Wisp is working as a bartender for real and often has to make sure that she'll be here for her shift.

Distinctive Style : Having some exceptional charisma doesn't help but in addition, Wisp always got her old school bartender garments on her.

Phobia (Uncommon,Mild  Black Magic Related Stuff) : Wisp did keep a really bad memory about her time as a Black Mage apprentice and often freaks out when facing such stuff.

Sinner (National) (Emilia Ike) : Her real name that she doesn't like to get anymore. It's all about the paperwork for her; it's a relic of her past life and the parents that did leave her in an hellhole.

Vendetta (Black Mage Instructor) : Someone that she wants to see dead because even the nicest person can hold a grudge.

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Borderline AmmunitionMurseyShadowHaven Shutdown16 May 2082
Stuffer Shack 3AMDraknic30 April 2082
Man in the boxSilas24 April 2082



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Rodney Goodman 4 3 Fixer Bartender Alcohol Master, Meeting Ground, Arms smuggling, Corporative Connection, Safehouse knowledge Even
Beastmaster 6 1 Custom (G,K,A,N) Parabiologist Hard to Reach, Mundane Critters, Awakened Critters, Mundane Critters Knowledge, Awakened Critters Knowledge, Critter Training Knowledge, Thrill of the Hunt, Bird Enthusiast, Gotta keep the little guys safe! Even
Halvor Ingvarsson 4 3 Custom(G,K,A,N) Talismonger Wanted, Enchanter, Planeswalker, Sons of Odin, Thaumaturgist, Norse Tradition Even
Chloe Green 2 3 Fixer Fixer Activist, Environmentalist, Rich Brat Even




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Wisp never leaves without something to drink on her. She wants to shine at every meeting with a cocktail or some fancy alcohol to make everyone better suited for the job.

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 Many posts about the Mulligan's and the fact that she is one of the Regular Bartenders.
3 A press article about an abduction that did occur three years ago, the description of the victim...Wait it's Wisp !
6 Some old college adherence to the name of Emilia Ike and her SIN. Actually the name is on some of the contract of the Mulligan's.

Shadow Community Table

Threshold Result

Assensing Results

Hits Information Gained
1 Generally ill, Intoxicated, Awakened.
2 No Cyberware. Wisp is a magician. Her aura displays some warm colors.
3 No alphaware-grade cyberware.
4 No betaware-grade implant. Essence 6, Magic 6
5+ No deltaware-grade implants. No nano-tech, not a Technomancer.


Emilia Ike : Her real identity, linked to her life at the Mulligan's.

Melody Campton (Fake SIN R4 with all licenced) :  Substitution identity for the Shadow job. Actually she doesn't even use it often because she is never packing that much illegal stuff on her.


Wisp is a cold beauty from a neo-noir trid. She got grey eyes with some purple taint, she still wondered about how she got that though, her red hair are always well suited and she always uses some priced perfume, namely the black panther.

Even if she is looking good, she can't really hide that she seems to be really weakened by some sort of illness or trauma. She doesn't have any mark or anything, she just looks like someone that is in dire need of exercise.


Wisp always wears the old school bartender outfit, Mortimer of London tailored and always of the best quality she can find.  She has an obsession for being clean on herself.

Very rarely she will wear some kind of regular clothing when it is absolutely needed only.

Matrix Persona

Her persona represents Saga, the daughter of Odin who brings hydromel to the allfather.

Media Mentions

Some mentions about the Mulligan's mention her and the cocktail that she is making. The whole thing is limited to Seattle.

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