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Astral Warrior Witch
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
D.O.B.August 7th, 2062
Metatype - C
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - C (Explorer)
Skills - D
Resources - D

Character Information


Astral Combatant


Witchblade wants to look after her mother.


Witchblade was born to a young, well-off couple in Maplewood in 2062. Her father, an Otaku, was the primary source of income for the family, his talents earning him a significant paycheck from low-level corporations as a freelance tech consultant. Unfortunately, he was jacked in during Crash 2.0 and died when Witchblade was just 2 years old.

She and her mother, unable to maintain rent, had to move to Touristville, where her mother got a low-paying job at a Stuffer Shack and fell into alcohol and drug abuse. One day, when she was 8, while lying in her room praying for her mother to stop swearing the air blue, she opened her eyes to find that the air was indeed blue. And glowing. She had Awakened, and accidentally projected out of her body.

Witchblade used her newfound abilities to supplement the family income by hiring herself out as astral overwatch for the lower-level runners who couldn't provide it for themselves. After a few weeks like this, and developing a bit of a reputation as a decent overwatcher, she was hired by a team of more experienced runners, and ended up facing off against astral opposition for the first time, a spirit summoned by the runners' target. The fight was long and hard, but she managed to win. That was when she realized she needed to learn to fight on the Astral, and arm up, and figure out how to stop them from murdering her team.

Narrative Significant Qualities

SINner - Witchblade was born to a couple of model citizens, albeit not corp ones.

Dependent (Inconvenience) - Witchblade is studying at the local university on a scholarship based on her exceptional abilities (twice initiated and a magic 6 Explorer with astral combat and metaplanar experience)

School of Hard Knocks - She's been working the streets (in a (mostly) nonsexual way) for longer than her age would suggest

Day Job (10 hrs) - 1400/1600 Mon-Fri Working as a teacher at Barrens Hogwarts (apparently called Mana)

Run History

NameGMMetaplotDate of Run
Bugs in the BankAurora6 March 2082
WitchshadeSarcarian25 February 2082
The Underground Bakery Part 3AuroraBaker Wars18 February 2082
The Blood WarAsmodeusFestering Infestation2 February 2082
A Thirteenth Shadowrun Based on Fall Out Boy's The PhoenixDrBurst17 August 2080
A Fifth Shadowrun Based on Fall Out Boy's The PhoenixBurst16 July 2080
Flobots - CombatDrBurstFlobots18 May 2080
Whispers In The DarkTekomandorDance Around The Fire That We Once Believed - The Ex-Firewatch Story17 February 2080
Katy Perry – Swish Swish (Part 1)DrBurst17 July 2079
Portugal, The ManDrBurst28 June 2079
Rise Against - Mourning in (Seattle) (Part 1)DrBurst16 June 2079
Our Sound Waves Run Your City Like ParkourDrBurst8 May 2079
Flobots - Journey After (War Fatigues)(Part 3)DrBurst7 May 2079
Witchblade's Initiation 1Dusk22 April 2079
Compliments to the ChefAdamsmithchan6 April 2079
Corrupt FindingsRidlez17 November 2078
Gold, Jade, and BoneSadSuspenders11 June 2078



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Alessa P 4 2 Fixer Owner of The Daze The Daze, Shadow Connections, Ear to the Ground, Punk Rocker, Bootleggers Even
Jerry 3 3 Service Road Tripper Driver, Awakened Drugs, Sasquatch, Traveller Even
John Doe 1 2 Networking Friendly Street Urchin/Vendor Street Urchin, Barrens Local Even
Juniper Jones 2 2 Gear Talismonger (Wiccan) Awakened, Wiccan, Suburban Witch -2
Dennis Smith 7 1 Custom (K,N,G,A) Librarian Researcher, University Man, Bookworm, Old Man, Historian, Archivist, Administration, Friend of Alumni Even
Nameless 5 1 Custom(K,A,G,N) Ghoul Priest Christian Cult Classic, Underground Underdog, Judicious Judicator, Gloomy Glow Ghoul, Ex-EVO Exemplar, Mana Mentor Even
Saul Goodman 5 2 Custom(A,N,K,G) Baker Iron Chef, Pastry Chef, Bread Baker, Artisanal Ingrediants, World-Famous Baked Goods, Improved Ability: Artisan (Baking) Even
Cassandra Withers 8 2 Networking FBI Liaison Secretly A Mantis, Bug Knowledge, Twisted Magic, UCAS Government Connections, Bug Hotspots, Government Favors, Magical Stealth, MilSpec Resources, ARES Macrotechnology Knowledge, Mantis Hunger, Grip On The FBI Even


Contact Position Connection Faction Rep Archetype Health Location
Mana Teacher 2 18 Crime Syndicate/Magic School Maintaining Redmond Barrens



In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Shadow Community Table

Wuxing 1
Black Chrysanthemum Triad 1
Nova Rich 1
DA's Office 3
Tattered Black Flag 3
Enduring Resistance 3
Mana, Barrens Hogwarts 0
Ork Underground 5
Omega Dawn -1

SC: 2

PA: 1

Astral Index: 3




Matrix Persona

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