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A Ghoul pretending to be a normal Human, acting as a face for whatever group she may find herself in.
MetatypeHuman (Ghoul)
Street Cred0
Public Awareness0
Titles and Awards0
D.O.B.December 12th 2055
Metatype - E
Attributes - A
Magic/Resonance - E
Skills - B
Resources - B

Character Information


A Ghoul face who does her best to blend in as a Human. There's not much else to her concept-wise.


She honestly just wants to live her life, but besides that, she kinda enjoys the shadows a bit more than she enjoyed Lonestar, and intends to stay in the shadows for as long as she can.


A former Lonestar officer turned cannibalistic Infected, and an even further back former bar-fly of sorts, she now uses the skills she has gained across all of this to survive in the shadows. Beyond that, find out through roleplay.

Narrative Significant Qualities


  • Exceptional Attribute - She is incredibly charismatic, especially for a Ghoul.
  • Infected (Ghoul) - She is extremely self-conscious about being a Ghoul, and tries to hide it.
  • Too Pretty To Hit & Watch the Suit - She's quite attractive, and always does her best to look good. Even when she feeds, she manages to keep any blood from getting onto her clothes.


  • Poor Self Control (Sadistic) - Due to being a Ghoul, she's had a bit of a personality change. She's become sadistic, and enjoys causing others pain quite a bit more than before.
  • Poor Self Control (Compulsive II, single aspect) - She used to be a bit of an alcoholic before becoming a Ghoul, and now is trying to kick the habit due to it making her violently ill when she drinks now.
  • Allergy (common, mild) - She's allergic to dogs. She loves dogs, but she's allergic to them. She tries her best to avoid dogs when she can't afford to be sneezing all day.

Run History

None, yet.




None, yet.


None, yet.


None, yet.

In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Nothing of note.

Matrix Search Table

1 Hit Some old Monty Python flatvids and trids about the Killer Rabbit, as well as some references to other uses of the term "Killer Rabbit".
3 Hits Some rumors of someone calling themselves Caerbannog having killed and eaten several victims a couple years back. Possibly HMHVV related.
5+ Hits A ghoul going by this nickname has become a runner in Seattle a couple years back. Oddly charismatic and looks nothing like most would expect.

Shadow Community Table

1 Hit A new runner in Seattle. A face.
2 Hits Likely UCAS, woeks with Katherine Curran. Possibly former Lonestar based on combat observations.
3 Hits Kinda just showed up one day out of nowhere, potentially an associate of Michelle Delacroix, or of her sister. Potentially got here through Greyhound.
5+ Hits A former Lonestar officer turned Ghoul. Nobody's quite sure exactly where she's from, but she's at least from the UCAS. Does extremely well blending in as a Human and is an effective face.


  • Alina Ren: (Evo - Private Security/Bodyguard for Hire) (R4)
    • Licenses: Firearms, Restricted Bioware, Restricted Cyberware, Small Blades, Bodyguard (All R4)



Refer to image. I can't describe it well in words.

Matrix Persona

Same as in her image, but with all identifying features blurred or removed, and of a more average height and build.

Media Mentions

None, yet.

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