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Matrix Believers
The Truth Is Out There
TypeMatrix Group
Player May JoinYes
Area of OperationX-ACT Host, Public Grid

Faction Information


X-ACT is a group of savvy matrix users hunting for information about what they call Unexplained Matrix Phenomena, or UMPs. This refers to any activity on the matrix that is not understood, or at least not widely understood. It has membership across the world, but since all it takes to join is a matrix connection, enthusiasm, and not being a dick, its users are mostly script kiddies and casual conspiracy theorists. Occasional deckers and the rare technomancer can be found among them, and there are rumors of forum posts from AI and e-ghosts mixed in with all the traffic. Because of the user base's love for spreading proof of UMPs, X-ACT is a great way to leak certain files to the general public without it being traced back to you.


  • Solve unexplained matrix mysteries.
  • Obtain and disseminate proof of UMPs.

Major Locations

  • X-ACT Host (Rating 3 Data Host, A3 S5 D4 F6. Located on the public grid.)


X-ACT is a leaderless collective. Certain people have more social capital than others, but walking in and saying "Take me to your leader," will be met with laughter.



X-ACT has not yet gathered enough good info to make any allies.


X-ACT has not yet gathered enough good info to make any enemies.

Current Status

Health Summary

X-ACT remains a fairly popular message board due to the influx of compelling UMP "evidence" from its host of users. It might become more popular if more solid evidence showed up, but it would also make it more of a target for dangerous groups. If it is to grow, it will need to prepare for this. For now, it's eternal September.






Narrative Significant Runs

No runs yet. This list will auto-populate when this character is tagged in a run AAR.